Bike Repairs

Our two permanent mechanics are knowledgeable and always ready to tackle even the worst jobs! From your flat wheelbarrow, to the occasional $12,000 carbon racers, we’ve got you covered.
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Tire Repair: $4.50 + The cost of the tube
Regular Computer Installation $9
Cadence Computer Installation $12
Headset Tuning and Greasing $12
Gear or Brake Fine Tuning $15
Basic Service (gears, brakes, lube, headset, cables) $35
Full Service (same plus bottombracket and hubs) $55
The Whole Shabang Service (same as Full plus wheel straightening) $85
Suspension Tuning $55 to $120

Our Mechanics

Simpson Bay


Coming from a background of automobile mechanics, Keverne can fix anything! Including your Granny's wheelchair!And we force him to run every year in the Tri-Sport Relay Team!!

Simpson Bay


One of our great Mechanic, gym member, quiet and thoughtful kinda guy! Recently he bought himself a road bike and is racing!



He’s got 15 years of motorcycle mechanics behind him and is the guy you call when you’ve got serious issues... You can always find Thierry on his mountain bike, especially on Sunday mornings. Oh, and he loves Ti Ponche!