Adventure Race St. Maarten Tour

You and your team will go on a lively and amazing race through Philipsburg, the capital town of St. Maarten. Modeled after popular TV shows, you’ll have a fun time sightseeing and getting to know St. Maarten in a way most tourists never do.
From $ 75.00

($ 60.00 for kids)
Level: (Easy)

Times: 10:00am

Duration: 3 hours

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The RACE combines action, adventure, and sightseeing in a fast-paced fun environment. With a map in hand you’ll solve clues which lead your team to its next destination, direct you to perform a task, or complete a challenge for bonus points.

Each optional challenge is different – some mental and some physical and can range from building a sand castle to sampling a traditional food to a jump in the ocean.

You can run fast or take your time to enjoy the sights – there is plenty of time to complete the adventure without running. The winning team is announced during an awards ceremony and each member of that team gets a prize to take home with them. It isn’t always the first to cross the finish line as the final score is compiled using both the race time and points for the challenges.

Note: The tour includes approximately 4KM/2.5 miles of walking throughout town over a 2.5 hour time period. There are sidewalks and you get to go at your own pace. There is no age or fitness restriction, we’ll let you decide for yourself. Come ready to have fun. One person from your team should be prepared to go for a short swim in the ocean.

Price includes: everything necessary to participate in the event including entry fees, equipment use, a bottle of water, and a snack.

Departs from: Bobby’s Marina in Philipsburg (If you are coming from the cruise ship harbor, Bobby’s Marina is one of the stops on the Water Taxi ,$8 per person round-trip, or it is a 10-15 minute walk).