My Guardian Group Run & Walk

Don't miss the best 3K & 10K Run in St. Maarten!
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My Guardian Group Run & Walk

Event Details

Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018
Starting at:
6.30 am Runners 10Km
6.35 am Runners/walkers and teams 3Km.

Location : Guardian Group Fatum Office

Categories and costs per category

Category Choice Costs US$

Individual Run 10
3KM Individual Run 10
3KM Individual Walk 10
3KM Team 4 persons Individual 40
3KM Team 4 students interscholastic (up to 18 yrs.) 20
Everyone is welcome to participate, because participation is more important than winning. Whether you enjoy the scenery on the route with family and friends or try to improve on your fastest lap time, All runners, walkers, , Teams or sport organizations, school teams, corporate teams, family teams and others are welcome to participate. Of course we gladly offer all of you a well-deserved nutritious light breakfast, Grace coconut water, Powerade and water at the finish.