Friendly Island Series Road Race 2

Second Race in the Friendly Island Series
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Friendly Island Series Road Race 2

Event Details

Here are the routes:

First Loop for everyone:

Then Laps of this course:

Elite - 10 Laps (10 times around the roundabout at Maho)
Master A and Youth 12- 16 - 8 laps
Masters B and Women - 6 Laps

Each category will start approximately 5 minutes apart.

Fairplay is applicable which means that riders cannot openly assist other riders

Who can ride in the Masters A and B categories?
Two main criteria:
1. Age: 35 and older
2. Skill level:
Master A:
Former active Elite riders over the past 5- 10 years,
Skill level: good -high
Master B:
Elite riders more than 10 years ago or never rode in elite category
Skill level: average-good

Start Time : 8:30am SHARP everyone. Each category will start within a few minutes of each other. All riders must be at the start by 8:00am to be sure we start on time.

Registration fee: $10

Prizes: Cash Prizes and Trophies
Priems: Bells Lookout Point

Special Challenge:
1. $50 for any rider who breaks Blade Carty's 3:29 record on the Strava segment Cayhill which is from Kruythoff roundabout to Indigo Bay
2. $100 for any rider who beats the ASM team in the Elite Category ( 1st place ahead of ASM)