Buccaneer Beach Bar Open Water Swim

600 & 2200M Swim from Simpsonbay Beach
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Buccaneer Beach Bar Open Water Swim

Event Details

Sign up at Tri-Sport and at the Carib Swim Team Pool in Colebay for this great open water swim from Simpsonbay Beach on May 14th. The Entry Fee is $15 per person and the race starts at 11:30am from El Zafiro on Simpsonbay Beach, near White Sands. The 600M finishes at Karakter Beach Bar and the 2200M finishes at the Buccaneer Beach Bar on Kim Sha Beach.

Notes from the Organizers:

1. Stuff and Gear. We will have a couple of vehicles designated as "stuff and gear wagons" that will take your belongings from the start of the race (at El Zafiro) to the after-party (Buccaneers). Once you get checked in
for the race, we will help you mark your bag and get it in the appropriate vehicle for delivery to the after-party. Once you arrive on the beach at Buccaneers, you can collect your bag. (Note: All the stuff/gear bags will
be delivered to Buccaneers, regardless of whether you are doing the 600 meter race or the 2200 meter race.)

2. Ride-sharing is recommended. The race will start at El Zafiro in Beacon Hill. The 2200 meter race will finish at Buccaneers, which is the location of the after-party. The 600 meter race will finish at Karakter.
We have arranged for boats to take the 600 meter swimmers and the 600 meter race volunteers to Buccaneers after the finish. Spectators will need to
arrange for their own ride to Buccaneers after the 600 meter race.

A couple of suggestions on how you can arrange ride-sharing/transportation.....

1. For the 2200 meter race. You can meet up, at Buccaneers, with a few other people doing the 2200 meter race. Then, you can all hop into one car and drive to El Zafiro. After the race, you can get a ride back to El
Zafiro to pick up the car.

2. For the 600 meter race. You can park that morning at Karakter. Then, you can walk down the beach from Karakter to El Zafiro. Then, after the 600 meter race, you can get in your car and drive to Buccaneers.