4th Annual St. Barths Half Marathon

Compete as a team or individual in this epic Run
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4th Annual St. Barths Half Marathon

Event Details

The 4th Annual St. Barths 1/2 Marathon takes place on February 20th in St. Jean, St. Barths. Runners can participate as a team of three running 7K each or as an individual completing the entire 21K.

THE RELAYS 3 * 7km

• THE VERSATILE: Start from the stadium with the 2 km "warm-up lap" in St Jean then take the direction of Salines with the climb of Coupe-Gorge then that of Petite Saline before finishing and handing over the relay just before the pond of Grande Saline.

• THE CLIMBER: Second runner starts their race at the level of the pond, takes the direction of the Saline Parking lot to make a U-turn towards Lorient with a first attack of the Côte de Saline, then the "double-slope" of Coupe-Gorge. Arrive at St Jean, in the direction of Gustavia with the rise of the Tourmente before finishing on Public and handing over the relay.

• THE SPRINTER: Third and last torchbearer! Begins their race on the flat of Public and heads towards the Pointe de Gustavia. Arrive at the level of the Collectivity, they go up the Rue Schoelcher and leave Gustavia by going up the hill on rue Auguste Nyman. Run the last 3 km to the Pont de St Jean before returning to the stadium. Then Along with your team enter the stadium and Run together for the last few meters to the Arrival Arch :)

Course: https://www.openrunner.com/r/14108856